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My Career Advice on Fox News Live

May 26, 2009

As the economy continues to remain in a state of flux without showing any signs of stable upward momentum, career coach and branding strategist Dr. Ryan Yip advises job seekers to take stock of their career assets and plan for a 2009 in which the US Government provides the greatest employment opportunities through jobs, contracts, grants, and loans.

San Francisco, Calif. May 22, 2009 – Career transition expert and personal branding advisor Dr. Ryan Yip believes that those seeking new career opportunities due to loss of employment should not only put the grief cycle behind them as quickly as possible, they should re-examine their motivation and skills set, filter possible career paths through the lens of a projected $88 billion in US government-subsidized employment programs in 2009, and distinguish themselves using a well-articulated branding strategy. During a recent interview on Fox News Live, the career advisor said that every worker should have a career contingency plan even if they are already employed owing to a highly unpredictable job climate. Watch the video:

“There are two clearly defined scenarios and it is best that employees plan for both due to the rising tide of uncertainty,” he believes. The first is an environment in which you are employed but continue to remain on shaky ground. It is a good idea to evaluate whether you are perceived as a “superstar” in your current job because that gives you the best chance of being “lay-off” proof. Having the motivation to become a superstar and implementing an on-the-job personal branding strategy will go a long way in improving your odds of job retention. You should expertly leverage the opportunity to acquire as many job skills as possible while remaining employed with your company. IT skills and business skills are best acquired when you are employed because your existing employer provides you with a context in which to hone these skills and become indispensable to the organization, Dr. Yip asserts

“You want to be proactive; you want to have control of your career. Now is the time to assess your priorities, what you want out of your life, and what you value.”

Make Yourself Lay-Off Proof

Although the best time to seek a career transition is when you are gainfully employed, that is not always possible. The second scenario is the actual loss of your job.

Dr. Yip advises reflecting on your motivation and purpose in life.

“If you can retain your job, that’s the best. But if, for some reason, you are laid off, this is the time when you can reflect back on your values, your life’s purpose and create a strong brand for yourself.”

Making a career transition after being laid off can be especially challenging. However, in the event that you are let go, there are a number of strategies you can adopt, Dr. Yip advises

“You want as quickly as possible to go through the grief process or the mourning period which every one goes through when they lose their jobs, the anger, the fear and the resentment, then do the positive things, get a positive focus and get back into the exploration of the next step into your career.”

Dr. Yip advises reflecting on your motivation and purpose in life.

For any professional who is already in the grips of a career vacuum and is considering making a transition, Dr. Yip advises that in 2009 the US Federal Government American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) will provide the greatest number of employment opportunities by creating  jobs, contracts, grants, and loans.

Job seekers should explore career options in urban education and healthcare, solar/wind energy, mass transit, regulation of financial services, and other initiatives that the Obama Administration has identified as priorities. Dr. Yip’s ARRA resource webpage provides an exceptional list of links suitable for those individuals seeking new avenues of employment. He also recommends networking with US government-approved contractors since much of the ARRA funds are being funneled to the private sector.

About Ryan Yip

Ryan E. Yip, Ph.D. is a career coach whose mission is to discover a mutually beneficial relationship between each client’s life purpose and what the world needs to be sustainable. He assists those wanting to enhance their career possibilities by conducting individual assessments, personal branding, and group seminars. Ryan has been designated an Expert Author and is certified as both a 360 Reach Personal Brand Analyst and StoryManager Brand Consultant.  As marketing consultant, he has worked for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Monsanto, Hewlett-Packard, Varian, Hitachi, and Bio-Rad. Those interested in seeking his career transition and personal branding services should write to Ryan at:

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