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Dr. Ryan E. Yip offers free SEO Calculator and Report

March 31, 2016

Concord, CAApollo Branding, a social media branding company located in Contra Costa County, California, is expanding its offerings to include search engine optimization (SEO). It has also introduced a free SEO Report and Beginners Guide to help people quantify the financial impact of increased traffic to their website. For many website owners who are new to online trading and gaining exposure online, it’s common to wonder exactly what SEO can do for their business. The truth is, SEO can do wonders to expand brand awareness and increase profit for their business. Investing in SEO can be one of several marketing strategies such as direct mail or online ads. However, the ROI a business will receive from increasing online traffic to their website can be much higher than other marketing techniques.

“My company helps organizations generate leads by designing better social media campaigns and more effective websites. Whether you need a SEO, video production, or full-service social media management, we’d like to work with you. We have sales and marketing experience with individuals, start-ups, and Fortune 100 companies,” said Ryan E. Yip, Ph.D., President.

SEO is a process of guiding more users of search engines to a website with unpaid search results. Also known as increasing traffic to a website, achieving high unpaid search rankings can more than double a website’s visitors, which in turn can result in more contacts, sign-ups, and sales.

How much traffic are we talking about? There is no clean-cut answer for this because it depends on the website niche and the keywords they select for their website optimization. A professional SEO expert can help a business to carefully select the best keywords for their online business.

SEO brings qualified prospects to a website. These site visitors are using search engines to find what they are offering, which makes it even easier to convert them into customers. Although Google’s search algorithm can change without warning, professional SEO services can also keep a website ranking highly in search engines.

“Ultimately, professional SEO services provide you with a web presence,” states Dr. Yip. “In the end, is there really a reason to have a business website if it doesn’t get any traffic? SEO is less costly than aimlessly going after leads. New, targeted leads will result in sales and increase the bottom line for your business.”

To see how more visitors to a website can increase brand awareness, please download the free SEO Report and Beginners Guide.

About Apollo Branding

We help generate more traffic, leads, and sales from social media marketing, SEO, and video production. Located in the SF Bay Area (Contra Costa County), our specialties are health and wellness, life sciences, email marketing campaigns, online lead generation, brand recognition, online reputation, and video production. Ryan E. Yip, Ph.D., President, is a certified branding analyst with over 10 years of experience in the software and life science industries. He was interviewed on the #1 rated cable news channel for advice on personal branding.

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