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What We Do

We place an emphasis on the practice of mindfulness through the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Leaders™ program, designed to help you become self-aware and emotionally intelligent leader.

ELN will help create the kind of workplace culture that fosters positive outcomes. Participants gained skills that helped them become more understandable, confident, engaging, responsible, and adaptive, as well as better listeners.

Research indicates that an employee development program incorporating mindfulness training can have a significant business impact, providing more than double the business impact of other programs. The ROI of a mindfulness program can be about $2 dollars for every dollar spent!


Communicating a personal brand that sums up your strengths and aspirations is crucial to a satisfying career. Your personal brand emphasizes the uniqueness of “YOU”, and distinguishes you from all others. What is the THEME of your life? I recently appeared on national TV giving advice on finding jobs during the current recession.

” [CEO Personal Branding workshop]…hit it out of the park! The attendees learned how to make themselves stand out in the workplace and be remembered for future promotions. Ryan was polished, professional and engaging. In addition, he was easy to work with. What more could anyone want?”
— Michael Lee, ABL Program Coord., former Dean JFK Biz School, Nat’l Speakers Assoc.

“…clear and very accessible…I appreciate Ryan’s insight…”
— Regional Vice President, #1 wealthiest non-profit organization

“…well versed and knowledgable…”

“…your seminar has encouraged me to keep moving forward…”

Few things are harder than taking an objective look at your life purpose, values, and motivation. I take a holistic coaching approach, first utilizing a scientific assessments, then listening and offering intuitive insight that can help you to break free of obstacles.

Never before has it been so critical to excel at what you do for a living. As an executive coach focusing on strategy and branding, I give workshops to help people merge their ABILITIES with what the WORLD needs.

[Live Interview on Career Transition During a Recession]
“…good advice for anybody looking for a job…” — Julie Bandaras, Fox News

“Your presentation was very helpful. I was pleased to come away with a number of great ideas and strategies that I was able to implement almost immediately. I sincerely believe that putting these into effect, will help to build both my online and offline reputation as time goes by. Thanks again for the informative presentation.”

— Christopher R. Jacquez, EA, CEO

“Wonderful class! …helped me to think about branding in a broader terms…great examples…”

— Larisa LaVladi
LaVladi Jewelry
“…Really awesome. Kind of like someone gave you access to your third eye…”                                                                                                                                                                             — client
I was recently selected by LinkedIn ProFinder to join an exclusive group of career coaches that reviews the LinkedIn Profiles of its Premium members (TEST: Does your writer know about hashtags?) In addition, my resume writers are human resource management professionals and have gathered considerable expertise from writing many resumes across a wide range of career fields.
Please go to to see some of my resume examples and download the Resume Intake form at After reviewing your answers and current resume, I can give you an estimate for the entire project to see if I am a good fit (not the cheapest).
Although resumes are important, I believe that targeted networking, rather than applying to open positions with a resume, has the highest probability of success. I can help you develop your personal brand with a proprietary process that emphasizes your unique combination of strengths. This value proposition will help you network effectively and receive more leads. Please go to for more information.

“Happy client!…this is wonderful…resume work was excellent…great job and set me up for success…I have a much stronger, professional-looking resume…this looks great…it’s perfect! (cover letter)…I like the quality of work…Thanks!.”

I offer SEO marketing and branding services:

-Social Media Marketing
-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-Facebook Ads and Google Adwords
-Personal and Corporate Branding
-Website and Graphic Design
-eMail Marketing Campaigns
-Technical Writing and Training
-Life Science Marketing

I help organizations generate more traffic, leads, and sales from their websites and social media marketing. Contact me and I’ll show you how I can supercharge your brand awareness and ROI.

HOW I DO IT: My company, Apollo Branding, can help you generate leads by designing better social media campaigns and more effective websites. Whether you need SEO, video production, or full-service social media management, I’d like to work with you.


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