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Free Trial of My Career Coaching Program

July 20, 2016

For a limited time, I’m offering free access to my online career coach program, Enlightened Personal Branding, Part I: building your brand rootstock. Register here – no credit card information is required. I ask that participants complete the evaluation form at the end of the program, and free access ends on 8/12/2016.

After you complete this program, you can begin to build your Enlightened Personal Branding Tree.

The Enlightened Personal Branding Tree

Can you pass the Banquet Test? Few things are harder than taking an objective look at your life purpose, values, and motivation. Ryan E. Yip, Ph.D., will take you through his holistic personal branding system for clarifying your unique combination of strengths. This self-knowledge can provide the foundation for your personal brand and the linchpin of your career.

iStock_217_small_sign_purposeI believe that people are skeptical about personal branding because marketers adapt product branding techniques to people branding, focusing on packaging and outward appearance.

This program uses examples and exercises to illustrate how you can eliminate your perception gap and grow an Enlightened Personal Branding Tree by taking the following actions:

  • Building Your Brand Rootstock
  • Expressing Your Essence
  • Finding Your Unique Brand Niche
  • Crafting Your Brand Story
  • Communicating Your Value

lotus_chart_283_64_2To help you with your career exploration, other topics include brainstorming techniques, mindfulness, and life balance


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